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The Be Foundation fulfills the will of Małgosia Braunek, a renowned Polish film and stage actress, and a long-time practitioner and teacher of Zen Buddhism, who died of a malignant tumor in June 2014. When, at a certain stage of treatment, conventional medicine (three operations, chemotherapy sessions) was no longer able to help her, Małgosia learned that other countries, for example neighboring Germany, are using integrative therapies which combine modern achievements of scientific medicine with complementary medicine that heals not only diseased organs but the human body as a whole. Unfortunately, Małgosia was no longer able to use these methods but she left her last will – to create an „information and study center for the holistic approach in medicine” and to allocate the funds collected by friends and many people of good will for her treatment for this purpose.

Dear all,

I am deeply touched by the extremely kind response to the letter informing about my illness and asking for financial support for further treatment in a specialist clinic in Germany, which, apart from the best methods of Western medicine, also offers the wisdom of traditional Eastern medicine. Such a holistic approach to the patient gives the best chance of recovery, so I am happy that thanks to the generosity of many people this possibility opens up to me. I am very grateful for that. I thought that if more money is raised than needed for my treatment, we will set up a fund to help people with cancer, as well as a center for information and studies on holistic approach in medicine that heals the whole person, not just their organs and diseases. This is what I have learned from my illness, and this is what I lack in Poland. 

I wish everyone health, cheerfulness, and a smile which is the best medicine in life!

Your Małgosia

Our mission

The Małgosia Braunek Be Foundation expresses the social need for a profound reform of health care in Poland, especially in the context of treating oncological and chronic diseases. The Foundation promotes and supports an integrative approach to both health and disease, inspired by the life philosophy of Małgosia Braunek and her own experience of cancer. We initiate and support the cooperation of various fields of conventional and unconventional medicine by spreading substantive, reliable knowledge about comprehensive, integrative medicine and the need for comprehensive treatment. Today’s highly unsatisfactory state of cancer medicine and treatment of chronic diseases results from the lack of such knowledge. Therefore, we raise the awareness among people who are sick, as well as the medical community, about an integrative approach in treatment that gives the best chance to improve health. We conduct extensive activities in the context of the prevention of oncological and chronic diseases and the possibility of their non-toxic, holistic treatment.

Body – be active

diseases, conventional medicine,
pharmacotherapy, diet, supplementation, sports
Expert: doctor

Mind – be aware

psychology, psychotherapy, support for relatives,
proactivity, efficiency, mental health hygiene
Expert: psychotherapist

Spirit – be open

meditation, yoga, acupuncture, herbal medicine,
Ayurveda, Chinese medicine
Expert: TBC

Main goals

The overriding goal of the Be Foundation is the reform of healthcare and oncological medicine in Poland, ranging from prevention, through integrative treatment methods, to convalescence and relapse prevention. We strive for medicine to be complete and heal causally, taking into account the human being as a whole, and putting them at the center.

Our goal is to build a proactive attitude towards one’s own health in every person living in Poland, what will result in a reduction in the number of illnesses, improvement of the quality of life, relief of healthcare and reduction of expenses that are spent on treatment, both at the individual and national level. Finally, we aim to improve the health of society as a whole and raise public awareness. We want everyone to have access to knowledge about supportive techniques so that they know that the mind and body are interconnected, and the treatment must be holistic to be truly effective.

Our goals are achieved by stimulating dialogue and cooperation within the medical community, as well as creating reliable sources of information for people interested in an active attitude towards their health, patients, and doctors. We organize various workshops, events, and educational campaigns supporting oncological and chronically ill patients.

The main branch of the Foundation’s activity is health education in the field of psychology, spirituality, and the body, as well as reliable, supporting, and complementary methods. We organize workshops, lectures, educational campaigns, and support groups. The second branch is faith – changing beliefs and raising public awareness of the legitimacy of an integrative approach to health.

There are many methods and ways of taking care of oneself. In line with our philosophy of integrative approach to health and treatment, we recommend natural, safe methods supporting the body during treatment at every level: physical, mental, and spiritual. We strive to become a leading promoter, the largest and most reliable source of information in Poland on holistic care for health, integrative medicine in the prevention, and treatment of chronic diseases.

Our leading values:
  • – wide, open knowledge as a basis for understanding cancer and integrative methods of its treatment;
  • – empathy and understanding (compassion) for the situation of people with illnesses, and the desire to help;
  • – respect for life – equally in health and illness – and caring for its quality, without pain and suffering;
  • – integrity in the approach to human body and the holistic concept of health that links the physical, mental, and spiritual levels of existence;
  • – cooperation with different environments;
  • – support by creating a community in sickness as well as among healthy people interested in exchanging knowledge and experience.
We dedicate our activities to:
  • – people suffering from cancer and other chronic diseases who have a sense of being lost, anxious, powerless towards healthcare in Poland, and in the absence of a broader knowledge of various methods of supporting treatments;
  • – relatives of patients with cancer and other chronic diseases who feel the lack of knowledge, have a sense of helplessness and inability to support their loved ones, often withdrawn from assistance, unable to communicate in the event of a disease, often in need of help and support themselves;
  • – medical environment – authorities, specialists, and general practitioners who make diagnoses oriented primarily on classic methods of treatment that lack tradition and trust in research and treatment of the organism as a whole;
  • – rest of the society that may be unaware of the possibilities of caring for one’s health, rarely get examined, not having knowledge on the need for prevention and an integrative approach to health;
  • – those who are already interested and seek to expand their knowledge, and are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, holistic approach to health, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.