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The Małgosia Braunek Be Foundation, together with Warsaw Genomics, presents the health prophylaxis project „Zdrowie dla” („Health For”).

The idea behind the project is to inspire the residents of the partner district commune to grow an active interest for their own health. We want residents to develop awareness of preventive health care, as well as the need for healthy, active, and conscious lives. The Health For project was designed in accordance with the  pillars of a healthy lifestyle: Mind – Body – Spirit. According to the holistic approach to health, it implies, among others, proper diet, physical activity, or taking care of reducing and minimizing the negative consequences of stress.

Health For is a long-term health education project based on two series of lectures, followed by a series of workshops. This program covers the essentials of a healthy life according to today’s fact-based medical knowledge and the holistic medicine. At the same time, an information campaign is to be conducted for the residents of the districts, to encourage them to perform preventive genetic tests. There will be places created where, within a specified time, residents would be able to carry out the medical exams. In the last phase, specialist genetic and oncological consultations will be organized for people whose test results would indicate an increased risk of developing neoplastic disease. Moreover, we will provide the medical care for people with high-risk results to ensure quick and optimal oncological treatment.

Duration of the program: approximately four months

Organizers: The Małgosia Braunek Be Foundation, Warsaw Genomics, and a partner district commune.

Main goals: organization of a series of lectures and workshops in the field of health prophylaxis in accordance with documented medical knowledge (evidence-based medicine) and the holistic thesis of Mind – Body – Spirit; conducting genetic tests of adult residents of the partner commune for the presence of gene mutations that may cause cancer in the future; providing proper care to people from high-risk groups.