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In the project “I AM and WILL BE” we get to know authentic heros and their stories of coping with the health crisis.

The “I AM and WILL BE” series is a project aimed at promoting an active attitude towards one’s own health and a holistic, integrated approach in both prevention and treatment. The idea behind the project is to inspire each of us to seek our own path to health, to cultivate inner activity, mobilization and faith. Listening to authentic stories about recovery, often against diagnoses and forecasts, we have a chance to find out that nothing is impossible, because we have a huge potential for recovery, and largely OUR HEALTH IS IN OUR HANDS.

The series consists of the hero’s personal column published on vogue.pl. The column is complemented by a series of extraordinary photos – portraits taken by the most respected polish photographers. Each guest meets a photographer who portrays them as they please, interpreting the story of the hero they meet in their way.

The project is complemented by a series of podcasts, an intimate conversation between the protagonist and the host Orina Krajewska, in which guests share the history of their illness, speak about what they struggled with, how they got out of the crisis, how they found their way to health, how to fight, and finally – what changed in their lives. Podcasts of the first season were published on the Storytel platform.

Offer for sponsors:
Companies and private investors are more and more willing to engage in social projects related to health, and at the same time support genuine human determination and strength in the recovery process.
By being a PARTNER of the “I Am and I Will Be” Project, you will gain strong AMBASSADORS who demonstrate their determination and strength in the fight for health with their histopria.These are fates told in retrospect, which is why their message inspires so much to take an active attitude towards your own health and the healing process.
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The project is run by Magda Chołyst