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We live longer, we live faster, but the question is do we live better? Sometimes the level of stress, fatigue and lack of energy make us wonder what to do to improve our well-being and health.

The impact of various areas (i.e. psyche and the way of coping with stress, diet, lifestyle and physical activity, quality and quantity of sleep, and our environment) on the well-being and functioning in professional and personal life contributes to the development and the course of various diseases.

Focusing on only one aspect (e.g. diet), while lacking care of other aspects simultaneously does not solve the problem. More and more advanced research methods and scientific reports prove that caring for mentioned areas is necessary and has an extremely positive effect on well-being, health, energy, motivation, and creativity while making people aware of how much depends on them.

The purpose of the interactive lecture is:

To inspire participants to reflect on each of the discussed aspects in relation to themselves

To help to define individual areas in which there is a need for changes

Offering specific ways, hints, and tips to use in each of the aspects discussed

Motivating to action and positive changes