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“Patient connects us” is a joint project of the Patient’s Rights Ombudsman and representatives of the largest patient organizations in Poland, including the Małgosia Braunek “Be” Foundation.

As part of the project, during duty hours at the toll-free number 800-190-590, specialists from individual organizations together with the Ombudsman’s experts provide telephone advice, information, and support on specific diseases. Duty hours take place cyclically every month, starting on March 6th, 2018.

Detailed information about the duty of our organization is regularly posted on our website and social media: Facebook and Instagram.

The scope of provided advice:

Integral approach to health – what is it?

What is integral medicine?

The most important pillars of integral medicine?

What therapies can we call complementary?

How important is the use of complementary therapies in the disease?

Recommended complementary therapies;

Recommended specialists in the field of complementary methods and therapies;

Recommended clinics and facilities that apply holistic, comprehensive treatment.

Aleksandra Nowińska conducts consultations on behalf of the Małgosia Braunek ” Be” Foundation.

The Patient Rights Ombudsman is a central government administration body established to protect patients’ rights. Patients’ rights and the procedure for appointing, dismissing and competences of the Patient Ombudsman are set out in the Act of November 6, 2008 on patient rights and the Patient Ombudsman.

The act entered into force on June 5, 2009, establishing the Patient Ombudsman and the catalog of patient rights, which currently includes: the patient’s right to health services, the patient’s right to information, the right to report adverse effects of medicinal products, the patient’s right to confidentiality of information related to him, the patient’s right to consent to the provision of health services, the patient’s right to respect for the patient’s intimacy and dignity, the patient’s right to medical records, the patient’s right to object to a doctor’s opinion or decision, the patient’s right to respect for private and family life, the patient’s right to pastoral care, the patient’s right to keep valuables in deposit.

The main tasks of the Human Rights Defender include the protection of the rights of both individual patients and the collective rights of patients and taking action in cases of their violation, applying to public authorities in systemic matters, solutions improving the protection and enforcement of patients ‘rights, as well as monitoring the situation of observing patients’ rights in the protection system. health.

For detailed information or assistance, the nationwide helpline of the Patient Rights Ombudsman is open on weekdays from 8: 00-20: 00. The hotline is available at 800-190-590.