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The prevention and treatment of chronic diseases should be easily accessible to everyone. Over 145,000 cases of cancer are diagnosed every year in Poland.


Annually, over 93,000 people die of them, specifically 10% more women and 20% more men than in the European Union countries.

> 10%

According to data analysis presented by doctors at a medical and pharmaceutical conference in Krakow – just in 2020 the number of cancer cases and deaths in Poland will be higher by approximately 10%.

The Integrative Medicine Congress is the largest annual event organized by our foundation - it is a meeting of both the best specialists and a large audience.

We host extraordinary speakers from the world and the country. The all-day convention includes lectures and workshops and is a great success providing participants with valuable knowledge. This event is part of the organization’s permanent activity. In 2020-2021, the “Be Fully Healthy” Congress was held online. Subsequent events will be held in the hybrid version.

The congress is organized periodically - every year.

It gets more popular every year, attracting more and more people and partners. A holistic approach to health is becoming increasingly popular and raises curiosity. Every year our event has a different idea and theme.

Our audience

People suffering from cancer and chronic disease

with a sense of loss, fear, powerlessness towards the health service in Poland and towards the lack of knowledge about various methods of supporting treatment, not cooperating with doctors, with each other.

Relatives of cancer and chronic disease patients

who now receive support without ignorance, want to withdraw from help, are unable to communicate in a disease situation, and requesting support without the participation of those who often need help and support.

The medical community

authorities, specialists, and primary care physicians, making diagnoses, so far oriented primarily towards classic methods of treatment, without confidence in examining and treating the whole organism.

Society often unaware of cancer and its popularity

people who did not study enough about cancer, having inaccurate preparation on the subject.

Report from the congress

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We invite you to cooperation

We believe that our health is largely in our hands, and that a holistic, integral approach to health is the future of medicine and a response to less optimistic forecasts. The congress will be organized cyclically – every year. Every year it will grow in strength, attracting more and more people and partners. A holistic approach to health is becoming more and more popular and arouses more and more curiosity. Every year our event will have a different idea and theme.

Benefits for sponsors: in return for commitment and support of activities supporting the company's contribution:

  • Placing the Sponsor’s logo as a partner of the Congress on the website of the “Be” Foundation, its profiles in social media, and all printed promotional materials;
  • Special thanks to the Sponsor placed on the foundation’s website, on social media, in the newsletter promoting consumers;
  • Placing the Sponsor’s logo as a partner of the Congress in folders for participants (about 500 items);
  • Numerous TV programs will be promoted on the occasion of Sponsorship;
  • Extensive photographic and film coverage in the form of a report, Sponsor’s logo on the relationship;
  • Development of a part of the foyer (on-site promotion), the possibility of selling Sponsor’s products in the foyer supply;
  • Thanks from the stage in the opening speech;
  • Highlighting the website in the material selecting the foundations to be added on the website. A close relationship, cooperation of both institutions – synergy of activities.
  • Joint PR, Partner’s CSR area for treatment with holistic treatment.

The sponsorship stand

Congress is an opportunity to easily reach a large group of potential customers. In previous years, 40 companies cooperated with us. We invite you to organize a company stand in the foyer of the museum.

We offer the possibility of displaying your products, providing samples and promotional materials for event guests, and the possibility of giving a short substantive lecture. Please mind the great interest and the limited space of the museum.

The organizer of the project decides about the choice of the exhibition.

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