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The overriding mission of our foundation is health education based on the principles of a holistic approach to health and a healthy lifestyle. Through educational campaigns, we popularize a holistic approach to health and integral medicine both in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. We want the knowledge about the need to lead a healthy lifestyle and supportive methods in treatment to be the norm and constantly reach all people in need.

The educational cycle is the basic area of ​​our work, which we have been organizing continuously since 2018. Free workshops and lectures are held twice a month and are devoted to holistic health prophylaxis and support for treatment processes among oncological and chronically ill patients. We invite renowned specialists, doctors, therapists, and practitioners to each workshop who share their knowledge and experience by presenting methods, techniques, and ways of working on health. Lectures and workshops in the field of mind-body medicine, stress reduction, healthy nutrition, cancer coaching, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, laughter yoga, reflexotherapy, aromatherapy, and qigong are held both offline (physically in Warsaw) and online in the form of live images on the organization’s Facebook.

We invite doctors interested in a holistic approach to health, specialists, and practitioners in their fields to cooperate as lecturers.