Poco a Poco – personalized breathing and meditation practice

Poco a Poco is a personalized breathing and meditation practice tailored to your needs at this moment. Duration is usually between 60 and 90 minutes. Sessions take place online.

Sign up: kontakt@fundacjabadz.pl

After subscribing you will receive information about the possible dates of their sessions to choose from.

There is a queue when registering, we sign up for the sessions and for the reserve list. Breathers who finish the set of 5 – 10 sessions will free their place and we invite those who are enrolled on the reserve list to begin their journey with breathwork.

A 1: 1 session begins with a short practice of grounding, relaxation, and slowing down to the rhythm of Poco a Poco. Then there is a place for you to share any feelings, bodily sensations, and intention for the practice. Sharing about a present or past situation that you may want to work on is also welcomed. In Alchemy of Breath, we call this moment receive before you give.
The form of practice that may be most appropriate for you at this moment is derived from what you have shared. It can be meditation, the practice of conscious connected breathing, breathing practices leading to relaxation or activation.

My role in a 1: 1 session is to introduce you to the chosen practice (creating a frame) and then make your journey possible (breathwork facilitator); being present, listening and being right next to you; keeping a safe space and creating an opportunity for you to look inside and feel all your feelings.

In a 1: 1 session, we will also look together for a form of relaxation practice that is adapted to your rhythm and that you can use on your own every day.

At the end of the journey, there is a place to share your impressions and practice grounding. In my experience, a set of 5-10 sessions brings good results.

Facilitator – Michał Piasecki / Poco a Poco Breath
At the beginning of my journey, I was involved in nature-inspired design; I was also an academic teacher. I was living a life that was interesting, but too fast, with no connection to my body and some of my emotions.

The experience of cancer was a difficult and traumatic time, but now, after a few years, I see it as a gift. It opened me up to a slower and more conscious lifestyle, new relationships as well as belonging and inspiration.

The first part of my journey to health focused on Western medicine and opening up to yoga, psychotherapy and the new, healthier diet.

I once heard that the most important journey we can take is a journey “12 inches down from the current thoughts to the heart.” From my first meditation, I go on such a journey every day. I also undertake physical journeys, exploring communities and practices in Europe and India.
The next part of this journey was to take two 400-hour trainings with Alchemy of Breath; Learning to facilitate breathwork and meditation first as a student and then as a mentor.

Today my daily practice is the same as the sessions I offer; it is an invitation to be in now; at this moment; to feel what is present in the body as well as all the feelings; not hiding anger, sadness, fear as well as joy and love. It is also an invitation to accept all that is present as well as the past.

A friend once asked me if this acceptance is active or passive? It then became very clear to me that this is active acceptance. It is an acceptance that after some time brings relaxation, which turns into a gentle and powerful life energy for this moment and the future. This is what I would like to share with you.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to offer meditation practice and breathwork to those connected with the Foundation “Be” (Fundacja Bądź).