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The Be Foundation is a place where you will find proven medical knowledge from around the world with a comprehensive approach to health. Because only seeing the person as a whole guarantees the best healthcare.

Stay healthy

Body – be active

The consequences of metabolic syndrome (abdominal obesity, low HDL cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high triglycerides) can be life-threatening but prevention and treatment are based on simple, constant changes in daily behavior.
Prof. Hiroaki Tanaka ~ „Holistic paths of health”, O. Krajewska

Mind – be aware

The brain is – much more than previously assumed – a dynamic, plastic organ that transforms and shapes itself throughout our lives. This happens not only under the influence of external experiences and stimuli but also positive and negative thoughts.

M.D. Elżbieta Dudzińska ~ „Holistic paths of health”, O. Krajewska

Spirit – be open

Spirituality is where our neurotic ego does not reach – in this sense, spirituality transcends the psyche. This does not mean that after a spiritual experience the ego ceases to function.

Wojciech Eichelberger ~ „Holistic paths of health”, O. Krajewska

Be in full health
Integrative Medicine | A comprehensive approach to health

The Be Foundation is a place where you will find proven medical knowledge with a comprehensive approach to health from around the world. Because only seeing the person as a whole guarantees the best healthcare.

Body – be active

In order to take care of health you should take care of your body – in terms of diet, physical activity and preventive examinations.

Mind – be aware

An extremely important aspect in caring for health is the mind, psychological support and awareness of what is happening to us, as well as our attitude towards it.

Spirit – be open

Both healthy people and those undergoing treatment have the right to look for various solutions, drawing on all the benefits of integrated medicine.

Events and projects

Integrative Medicine Congress

On February 3 2018, the Foundation organized the First Integrative Medicine Congress at the POLIN Conference Center in Warsaw „Be integral in health.” Prevention and treatment of chronic diseases taking into account the most important issues of integrative medicine and its impact on health. Second Integrative Medicine Congress „Be integral in health.”

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If the philosophy of our Foundation is close to you, and you would like to help and join the Foundation’s activities, we cordially invite you to work with us as a volunteer.

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If our activities are close to you we are open to wide forms of cooperation and we will be grateful for any help. Please contact us!

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More and more advanced research methods and scientific reports leave no doubt that taking care of each of the above-mentioned areas – body, mind and soul – is necessary and has an extremely positive effect on well-being, health, energy, motivation and creativity, while making people aware how much depends mainly on us.

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